MIDI changes all tracks

Just a question. How do I record more than one MIDI sound from Cubase? When I start a new MIDI track and change the sound, it changes it for all MIDI tracks.

Hi, I would be glad to help you.
What exactly are you doing? What Instrument do you use? (Midi itself does not create any Sound).

Please describe your Situation exactly and I am sure we can help.

Cheers, ernst

Okay I create a MIDI track. I open a VST similar to HALion but I can’t remember what it’s called, I’m at work right now. It starts with “pan…” but then I find a sound I like, I record it on the MIDI track. I create a second MIDI track, change the sound on that VST keyboard and it changes the sound for what I’ve already recorded. It changes it to ALL MIDI tracks. How can I record one sound on that VST, and then a different sound on top of it? It wouldn’t let me last night. Thanks for the help!

Do you have a separate instance of the VST Instrument for each Midi Track?
Are you setting a different Midi Channel for each or are you using “All Midi Channels”?

I think I know what’s going on now. I had one instance of VST going and I tried changing the MIDI to channel 1,2,3 etcetera for all tracks and it still changed the sound for all MIDI tracks. How do I open more than one instance of that VST for individual MIDI tracks? Thanks.

Depends on if you are using an Instrument Track or MIDI Track to record your midi data onto.

If Instrument Track each track will have its own instance of a VSTi which you can set it up in the Track’s Inspector.

If MIDI Track then open up the VST Instrument window (F11) and add a new instance of the VSTi as a Rack (not Track) Instrument. See pg. 595 of the ops manual for details.