MIDI channel 2 is transformed to channel 1, WHY?

In Halion standalone, I can send data over channel 2 from my MIDI controller, and Halion sees it as channel 2.

But in Cubase, everything is somehow converted to channel 1. I’m not using MIDI transformer in any track. MIDI monitor says everything’s coming through as channel 1. I’ve only used VST instruments to now - I’ll try a regular MIDI track later (it’s bedtime). The instrument is getting the channel 2 data, but is seeing it as coming from channel 1.

Is your MIDI channel set to ANY?

That option (MIDI to Any) isn’t available on instrument tracks. I see where that option exists for midi tracks, it’s missing from the instrument tracks. I guess there’s an unalterable default to channel 1 on instrument tracks. Is it a bug, or design?