MIDI Channel (2 part question)

I’m creating an orchestral template using VEP and Cubase, and running into time consuming issues.

  1. I add an instance of VEP - Cubase creates a MIDI track, and assigns MIDI channel one. I manually add 6 more MIDI channels for that VEP instance, totaling 7 MIDI tracks, and Cubase auto assigns the next available MIDI channel. Then, I add another instance of VEP. Cubase creates a MIDI track, and assigns MIDI channel 1. When I manually add MIDI tracks for this second instance, it starts with MIDI channel 8… because on the previous instance, I left off at MIDI channel 7.


  1. The next question would be a quick fix to the first question - Can I select a group of MIDI tracks, and via a combination mouse click and a key option, change the MIDI channel of the first selected track, and have the tracks below assign the next available MIDI channel (eg: select channel 3 for the first track, and have the remaining tracks assign channels 4, 5, 6, etc.)? I’m almost certain I saw Greg do this in a Hangout video recently.

Thanks in advance.


  1. Sounds like a bug to me.

  2. If I’m right, MIDI Channels is one of the few values, where these modifiers don’t work. Try Alt, or Shift+Alt modifiers, this works for Audio routing and also MIDI Ports.