midi channel ALL = fail


i’m trying to send a midi track to all midi channel outputs (1 to 16)
so i set my track with “ALL” but it only sends the data to channel 1 !
why doesn’t it work ? (i use KONTAKT5 or WIVI both only receive channel 1 instead of ALL)


I’m afraid, it’s not possible to send MIDI data from one channel to all MIDI outputs of the MIDI port. There is no option “All” of MIDI Output. There is All MIDI Input only. On the Output side, there is “Any” option. This means, it depends on the every one MIDI event of this tracks, which channel will be used.

So, if you set “Any” as output MIDI channel of the track, and insert Note, which will set to the 1st MIDI channel, it will send the Note on to the 1st MIDI channel. In the same track, if you set, this MIDI Note will be send on the 2nd channel, it will be send on the 2nd.

If you set different, then “Any” MIDI channel in the track, this is priority before MIDI events channels.

Conclusion: You can’t send MIDI events from the Cubase on the all MIDI channels. But you can set input MIDI channel of any instrument in the Kontakt. I think, it’s better to set MIDI channel 1 (or omni) for all instruments in the Kontakt.



yeah i can set that in Kontakt but using LASS (strings) you maybe know you can write for all divisi or use the Auto Arranger tool and let kontakt organise the sections. The first technic needs all midi channels seperated but the second needs all on same channel. i like to start with second technic for faster results than rewrite all with first … :slight_smile: music is not always easy

I know LASS a little, I don’t use it.

I tried something with Logical Editor, but it doesn’t work. I tried something with Expression Maps, but it doesn’t work too.

So, there is only one way, which I know. Create 16 MIDI tracks. Create empty region in the 1st track. Make a clone (CMD+Shift on Mac; probably Ctrl+Shift on Windows) of this empty region. Insert this clone on the 2nd track. Create other one clone, insert this on the 3rd track, etc., to track 16. Onsert allyour MIDI events in to these cloned regions. Because this is clone, insert data in to the one region only. it will be cloned every time to other regions.

I know, it’s not user friendly, bu I don’t know any other…


wow :slight_smile: that’s a very tricky one :wink:
i’ll try it and see what i can get out of it.
i asked on the LASS forum if there’s a way to do this but … not much info so far. let’s see.

wow. That is just an awesome, awesome trick. (referring to the “clone” trick.) god, I love Cubase. :slight_smile: I’d been looking (for a while) for a way to manipulate CC1 across all channels by editing in only one region. And voila.