Midi Channel and HaLion SE not working

I recently purchased Dorico Pro and am really happy with the product. There is just one problem,
HaLion SE doesn’t set itself up when I start a new project. There is no sound and I have to connect the instruments with a VST plugin manually. This
is very time consuming, considering that I am writing for an orchestra right now. Opening a given pre-set piece in the opening tab when starting the program works. The sounds are there from the get go and I don’t have to set them up manually. However, there is another problem: I tried using East West as a VST which works. But I can only assign 16 midi channels, which is problematic when writing for a full orchestra. Is there a way to use one Midi channel for multiple instruments which then play individually?
Thanks for the response!

  1. It seems to me that you changed the preferences and have now the Silence template as default. Because normally Dorico would use HALion Sonic SE by default and load the corresponding sounds automatically. You can also go to Play Mode and then from the menu choose Play > Playback Template.

  2. I don’t know East West and if it supports more than 16 MIDI channels. If not, then you have to create a second (or third) instance of East West in the Play Mode. Then you can choose which player shall play out via the first or second instance. Some VST instrument support more than 16 MIDI channels and Dorico can address them via the port specifiers A - D. You can find them in Play Mode on the left side of where you assign the MIDI channels to the players.