Midi Channel "Any" Option

When I insert a midi track there is the option to change the channel midi to “Any” in this picture it is showing channel 1:

When I insert a VST track the option is not there. Bottom line I need to use the “Any” channel option on a VST instrument.

Any help or guidance appreciated and I hope I am not being mega dim :confused:



An instrument channel can only have one stereo output and as such does not support access to multi timbrel instruments, well only the first sound of a multi timbrel instrument, thus the midi output option of ANY becomes redundant.

To access this feature you need to use the instrument rack and use a regular midi channel.

Thanks Split you are a star. However I assumed this referred to midi channels and not audio? I apologize before hand if I am off track.

It is due to the limitation of the audio assignment that the midi is also limited to one channel (on an instrument track)

Thanks again Split. I am using an Axon AX 1000 along with a program called Gtak5 which works in Kontakt. They say for it to work correctly I should load Kontakt as a VST Instrument and select the “Any” option.

Looks like I have hit a brick wall :astonished: :cry:

Do not use an Instrument track!!! Use the Instrument Rack and a normal Midi channel.

Thanks again Split for your kind help on this I am on the case.

I’m lost Split LOL. I can add an Audio Track, Instrument Track or a Midi Track to the project. Can you point me to this instrument rack as I am racking my brains out here looking for it and even searched the manual with no luck. LMAO

Devices menu, VST instruments (well thats where it is in C6)

Page 107 of the C5 manual

I don´t think C5 comes with a manual…

Haha… I get it (now) :laughing:


Thanks again Split finally got there. Never ever used the VST rack so I guess there is always a first time. 107 Was Transpose Functions which was way over my old head. Anyway thanks for the help and here it is.

Jolly, you can also select multi audio outputs for Kontakt from the VST Instrument rack, I maybe gave you the wrong cubase version page number. But you should definitely have a read of the relevant section under VST Instruments and Instrument Tracks.

I just checked, It’s page 170 not 107 :laughing:

Thanks Split. I make no excuses my friend but have been quietly using Cubase for about four years and just use what I use which is Audio, VST’s via project add track. When you mention open “Instrument Rack” I immediately looked in the index in the manual and found nothing under Instrument Rack hence the magic moment of what the heck is an instrument rack. I took me a little while to discover that it is not called an “Instrument Rack” in the manual but is called “VST Instruments”. Have since been reading Chapter 12 page 176 and have now got to grips with it. LOL

Life is good although at times confusing :unamused:

Yes, It should be called an Instrument Rack :laughing: Sorry for the misdirection.