MIDI Channel Assignments in Play Mode Being Reset To "1" After Entry

I haven’t used Play Mode much yet, but I’m starting work on setting up Dorico for use by VE Pro. I have set up a special set of VE Pro instances, each with only one MIDI port since Dorico does not (yet?) support VST3. Each instance, of course, is limited to 16 channels.

I set up an imported Cubase Expression Map. It seems to have imported just fine. In Dorico I assign the map (a Universal map for which I constructed my VI Pro matrices) to all sixteen channels of the instance.

When I begin to create my Woodwind section In Play mode, I select a VE Pro instance and connect to it. The correct instance displays for each instrument, with a default channel of 1. So I being to assign each instrument to the channel that corresponds to it’s assignment in the VE Pro instance by selecting from the drop-down list that runs 1 to 16. But suddenly I notice that my selections, 2…3…4…, etc., are being changed right back to channel 1. I try again, same result.

I cannot figure out why this is happening, so I don’t know what to do about it. Help!

Are you talking about the track headers in Play mode? It may be that you need to open the Endpoint Setup dialog (click the little cog icon next to the VE Pro entry in the right-hand VST Instruments panel) and ensure that Dorico knows that VE Pro has 16 channels.

Thanks Daniel. Yes, track headers in Play mode. The behavior seems odd, and I’ve got to believe if it’s happening to others this would have popped up before. I must be doing something wrong, I just don’t know what it is.

And yes, I have already set up 16 channels, each assigned to an expression map. That’s what has me confused. Hopefully I’ll have some more time today to troubleshoot.

If I need to send my Dorico Project in, will I need to also send my VE Pro Server Project? Not sure how that would work on your end.

I guess that perhaps we might be able to reproduce the issue by looking only at the Dorico project, even without having VE Pro to connect to. One way to find out would be for you to attach the project here so we can take a look.

Here you go, without VE Pro. I opened it without VE Pro and confirmed the behavior is still as I described.
Dorico VEP Setup 1.0 - Copy.zip (480 KB)
(Thanks dankreider for advising me on how to overcome a file attachment issue)

It used to be that you had to add .ZIP to the end of the file to attach it here. You could either zip it up for real, or simply modify the extension.

Supposedly that requirement has been removed, but I continue to be unable to upload Dorico files directly. I still zip them, or modify the file name and extension, and then uploading works as expected.

dankreider, thanks. By changing the file extension to “.zip” I was able to attach it.

The reason the channel assignment gets set back to 1 for instruments beyond the first one is simply that you have not yet assigned a VST instrument or MIDI device as an end point, and the channel setting is meaningless until it is paired with an actual device.

Hmm. I’ll have to check into that.

I see now, that I had made the assignment for the Piccolo, but missed the fact that it did not carry over for the other instruments. Thanks, Daniel, sorry to have bothered you for such an obvious oversight.