MIDI Channel Filtering - Cubase 7 Elements

Cubase 7 Elements - Windows 8

Ok, so I’ve been searching all day and read through the manual, but I still have no idea how to solve this, so I decided to post to the forums in hope that someone who has more knowledge of Cubase than I do could help out.

I have a program, outputting different instruments on four different MIDI Channels at once. However, I cannot find out how to filter MIDI Input for each track to only receive input from a specific channel. Right now, the instruments are all playing notes from every single channel, which I obviously don’t want.

I know that the code is working, since if I output it to the Microsoft GS Wavetable Synth, it distinguishes fine between the different channels, and plays different instruments for each, so it’s definitely a problem with the Cubase side of things.

I’ve seen a few tutorials on how to do this in Artist or Pro, however, I can’t really justify paying to upgrade for one feature, which should be pretty standard anyway.

Thank’s in advance :slight_smile:
If you need any more details, just ask.

Hi Panther

So if you arm four “Instrument” tracks to record and set each track to midi channel “any” is it possible to force whatever instrument is on that track to only react to the one channel and then do the same for the other tracks as well. In what vst instruments are you trying to use?

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Did this issue ever get resolved? I have the same situation.

“Input Transformer” (which allows you to filter the midi input by channel) doesn’t show up in Cubase Elements. It only appears in Cubase Artist.

In Cubase Elements you can also filter midi channels with an extra plugin and a little bit more work. Here’s an example:
(MidiChannelFilter can be downloaded for free with the MidiKeySwitcher demo at http://www.4drx.com/plugins/midikeyswitcher)