MIDI Channel Loss when changing MIDI track output, MIDI device panels hard to see

Stumbled upon another Cubase 13 quirk.

In Cubase 12 I could select a bunch of tracks, hold shift+alt and change the end point of all the tracks in one go. While the endpoint changed, the MIDI channels remained the same.

In Cubase 13 this still works fine when swapping among VSTi plugins (HALion, Sonic, Opus, Play, ARIA, Synthfont, Sound Canvas VA, etc.); BUT, if I choose a HARDWARE device/MIDI-port of any sort (Cubase Profile Aware, OR blank Windows Listed devices), all the channel outputs reset to channel 1 and any memory of where things were is lost.

Undo can’t get it all back either. Seems like in the past the Undo system remembered the last setup and I could pretty much always tap ctrl-z and get the entire DAW back to the previous state. UNDO seems to be getting more and more useless with each ‘upgrade’?

It’s also weird that I can no longer see the majority of my MIDI Device Panels unless I go in and force a fresh new background object or something.

The default used to be a light grey color that didn’t necessarily require a unique background object. It’s still this way in the ‘editor’ which is no longer very WYSIWYG?

Adding a new background to ONE simple panel isn’t much of a fuss,

but if we have decades worth of them, and many FAR more complicated than this…it’s a pretty serious MESS.