MIDI channel numbers not being exported.

Hi there!

In a MIDI event, I have notes routed to different MIDI channels.
Either if I drag the event to the desktop or using the MIDI export from file menu, MIDI channels are set to always 1.
This is really annoying, as the moment I try to re-import the MIDI file back to Cubase, all the MIDI channels are lost.

Does anyone know why is this happening?


Ok, if this could help anyone in the distance future…
I noticed that if I set the track midi output to “any”, then it does export the notes with their respective channels.

Yep. That’s because when setting the MIDI output to Any, it uses the channel based on the notes and not the MIDI track itself.

Yeah, but It still feels weird, as the event has all the necessary information, yet, when exporting it, it ends being a different thing when trying to import it back.