MIDI Channel output assignment per CC Lane

There’s instances where a MIDI track/event is sending notes Omni to multiple destinations, but I want individual CC control of those multiple destinations.

For example,

A digital hardware synth with two layers/sound slots in which the synths controls are separate to each layer depending on which is selected.

I want to send MIDI notes to this synth triggering both layers in unison, but I want to send CC values to their filters individually and differently.

There’s no way to do this currently other than to create two MIDI tracks which is what I currently do.

The other problem, is, recording the MIDI parameter changes of the synths individual layers to one track doesn’t differentiate the different channels. Again, to record this, I have to create two MIDI tracks and then filter out all but the intended channels - MIDI CH1 gets recorded to one Cubase MIDI track and MIDI CH2 gets recorded to its own track.

Essentially, I want the CC Lanes to look like this

CH1 |/__|_
CH2 |

By default, all added CC lanes would just be Omni or focused to the MIDI tracks defined output MIDI CH. As soon as the user changes a CH# on a lane, it now bypasses the channels assignment.