Midi channel selection

I’m going somewhat crazy here getting something very basic to work. I am attempting to use the drum editor. I have created a track and put some drum sounds in it. When I play the track I can see the little volume display react but I hear nothing. I Googled the problem and found all sort of reasons why this might be but the most obvious solution seems to be setting the midi output channel to 10, According to the Cubase manual I should “Open the Channel pop-up menu and select a MIDI channel”. This is great advice if there were a Channel pop-up menu but there isn’t. Other advice was to click on the ‘e’ and bring up the Halion window. That brings up a window mostly displaying Inserts and Sends which don’t seem to do much of anything and a volume control but no channel selection. Help!

If I understand the question, it seems you’ve not set the midi channel for the track.

Thank you Stephen57, don’t know how I missed that. However, still no sound.