Midi Channel Setup help required

My question is: where is the midi output routing pop=up menu, and how to I open it?

I would bet that the answer to this question is somewhere on the forums already, but alas if the term ‘midi’ is used in any search there are hundreds of threads reported and I haven’t found the answer.

I have Elements 7.07. I have just started mucking about with my keyboard and the VST instruments via my UR22 interface.

I can trigger the VST instruments reliably, but what I haven’t been able to do is allocate midi channels so that, for example, I can use more than one sound at a time in one instance of HALionSonic SE. The instruction manual says to select the midi output routing pop-up menu to allocate midi channels. Like so much of the manual its heart is in the right place, but it doesn’t actually say where the output routing pop-up menu can be found, or how to open it. :frowning:

All help gratefully received.

when you open halionsonic se. it will ask to create a midi track. say yes and then open the activate midi channels and they will open. you also need to route the channels each intrument on the edit tab. make sure they are not muted in hallionsonic.

Assuming you have loaded HALionSonic SE as a “rack instrument” (e.g. via F11) and not as a MIDI Instrument Track, you can select the MIDI track you want to route, and on the left-hand side you’ll see the Track Inspector details, where there’s a drop-down list from which you can select the desired MIDI channel that track should transmit on.

I just had a look in the Elements 7 manual, and yes, it’s not obvious … but I suppose this is because there’s been an increasing emphasis on audio track handling over the years (I know people who are surprised to find out Cubase can do MIDI, even though it started out as a MIDI-only sequencer back in the last century!).

Anyway, the bit you need to know starts on page 308 (of the English manual) at “MIDI realtime parameters” and “The Inspector – general handling”.

Thank you guys for your help. I haven’t got the time today to have another look at it, but I’m sure that with your invaluable help I’ll get there. :smiley: