midi channel specific

If a track is armed, any incoming midi is triggering, no matter the midi channel it was sent on.
Makes sense most of the time but is this not circumnaviagable?

That last sentence included a word that doesn’t exist, and yet I feel should.

I fully understand why it is this way but midi includes the channel/note/note on/note off etc so the channel info is getting filtered somewhere along the line.

Check the MIDI Channel setting in the Track’s Inspector. If it is set to “Any” then it will pass through on whatever channel it is. But if it is set to a specific channel number the data will be converted to that channel.

Well my keyboard is transmitting on ch 1 but if I arm a track that is set to channel 2 it will play that. I think I’m looking for the opposite of any, if that makes sense.
Thanks for your time though.


All Cubase MIDI Tracks receive MIDI Data on the all MIDI Channels. If you want to filter some incoming MIDI Channels out, use Input Transformer on the track.

All MIDI data of the track are send on the Channel, you specify in the track. If you want to send data from the track on multiple Channels, set All Channels. Then the Channel of every single MIDI event is taken in account.

Thanks Martin, I couldn’t get the input transformer to work but the similar looking on in the midi insert tab does the job.


It depends, if you want to do it on the Input side (Input Transformer), or on the Output side (MIDI Insert - Transformer).