Midi Channel Switch in Expression Map

One more time. I try to figure out, weather I did it right.

I created an expression map. I added natural articulation.
Then I added an articulation (staccato).
I want this note to be played back in another midi channel (another instrument)
So I add an absolute midi channel change.
I set it to 10, because I want it to be played back on channel 10.
Then I assign the expression map to the instrument in the endpoint setup dialog.

Still I don’t get a change of midi channel, when I put a staccato on the note.
Neither in input nor in playback.

What am I dooming wrong?

Best Regards

Can you attach a minimal project that shows the problem?

Hi Paul,

I tried to attach a Dorico file, but it is greyed out.

Zip it up and then attach the .zip file — I understand this will solve the issue.

Hi Paul,

as I understand. Fall and Scoops don’t trigger anything for key switches or channel changes right?

That is correct.