Midi channel

I set up GPO 4 (Aria) for string section and added the appropriate expression maps. I add the the key switches for pizz. (KS 5) and (arco KS 0). I also added the key switches for “trill” (KS 9). Everything works in the playback except the trill. I’m not sure if the key switch for trill doesn’t work because the trill, as I understand, has not been implemented in Dorico as of yet or i’m doing something wrong.

Since the trill didn’t work, I set up string section with 5 midi channels: Violin 1, Violin 2, Viola, Cello, Bass. In GPO 4 I added a “trill” violin instrument to channel 6. Violin 2 (midi channel 2) had a trill note. Is there a way to change the midi channel on that note from channel 2 to channel 6?

Trills are not yet implemented in playback, but you could add another playing technique that you’re not using elsewhere at the same position as the trill, and then create an entry in your expression map that triggers the trill keyswitch when it encounters this other playing technique.

Thanks for the workaround.