Midi channel


I have various midi keyboard controllers.

In Cubase 8, let’s suppose i have a midi track, we have the channel selection from “Any” to 1-16…
Isn’t supposed to select for example the channel 4 and ONLY receive midi messages from an input sending messages from channel 4?

I have my midi keyboard controller configured to channel 1, and the midi tracks receive anyway the midi messages even if i put them in other channels.

Is the channel number (in midi tracks) just a simple input converter from the hardware input to the VST used in that midi channel?

Think of that as the transmit ch from track to VST.

Ok, understood.

Is there a way to block that midi track to only receive a certain channel from an input?

Yes, input transformer, https://steinberg.help/cubase_pro_artist/v9/en/cubase_nuendo/topics/midi_realtime_parameters_and_effects/midi_realtime_parameters_track_parameters_input_transformer_c.html