MIDI channels broken

Ok this is immensely frustrating. Simple scenario:

I created one MIDI port in LoopBe30 (windows 10)
Disable the port in Dorico Preferences MIDI input devices to avoid feedback
Set channels 1-16 in PLAY for my first 16 players
In Cubase I add 16 MIDI channels 1-16 and route their output to HALION rack instrument
In Halion I have 16 instruments, channels 1-16

I should get 16 independent parts, right? Wrong, every instrument is playing every part, total chaos!! Am I doing something incredibly wrong or the MIDI output channels in Dorico are broken? I know they can play independently with Vienna but why this mess when I use a simple MIDI port that should send 16 individual channels out?

Just updated to Dorico 4 and very frustrated that something this simple isn’t working.

You need to add an input transformer for every track in Cubase and filter the channel you want.

Make sure to select a “Local” transformer, now called “Track” transformer in C12. I have a pretty large template and this works for me using loopmidi.

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THANK YOU!! Why Dorico won’t send only the channel I selected is beyond me but that did the trick!