Midi channels conflicting: Newbie

I am a newbie. Got CubaseLE 9.5 that came with my Audient ID4. So my set up consists of a Cubase LE 9.5 on Windows 10. Another hardware device is my Korg PA600.

My intention is to create a style (rhythm) for my Korg PA600 arranger. Korg usually recommends channel 10 for drums and channel 11 for percussion.

Connected my cubase routing to Korg as the output. Working well.

I have created a Midi drum track (channel 10) and a midi percussion track (channel 11). The problem is that when I am sliding the volume fader for the drum track, the percussion volumes also changing. On the other hand when I am sliding the percussion track, the percussion volume is not changing. Though I am pretty sure, I have assigned two different channels for those. How to get it fixed?

Observations: I have tested with Track Delay option for the drum track and it is working fine. Means Track delay effecting on the drum track only, not on the percussion track.

Thanks in advance.


Do you mean hardware slider? Could you describe your setup, please?