Midi Channels need help PLS!

Hi there! I recently purchased cubase elements 9 and I’m a tooootal n00b, so the question might happen to be very generic, but I tried my best to find info on this issue for two days, watched like 30 videos and read some lengthy forum posts - no use, just got more confused)) So, as for the problem the problem:

I bought Akai MPK mini mk2 and whanted to have its pads and keys work separately, I downloaded this ‘MPS Editor’ app to set pads on channel 1 and keys on channel 2 (see picture attached)
But when I open cubase I see only 1 MPKmini2 device (although I kinda was hoping to see 2 of those since I separated channels, but I might as well just be stupid))
Nevertheless I tried to create two tracks with VST (MPC Essentials in my case) to assign some stuff for the pads on 1 track and something on keys for the other. And since I could only choose 1 device in track inspector input (MPKmini2 that is), I thought I might choose the little channel number under it…
And yeah - no use at all - with both tracks monitoring turned on I just hear samples assigned to both keys and pads being played simultaneously.

Sorry for such a lengthy post concerning what probably seems like a simple thing, but as I said - cubase and all this port in/out voodoo is a frickn rocket science for me so far, it seems straight forward unless you try to make it work >.< So Any help would be IMMENSELY appretiated!!! Thx for your time)

With Cubase Pro you would use an input transformer to filter the channels being received by each instrument but Elements does not have midi plugins.

I’m not sure if there is any workaround for this tbh…maybe someone else has some idea.

Pro is a powerful program that is often way too much for many solo artists/singers and beginners.