Midi channels

Dorico is having a bite me day today…

I have SATB set to channels 1-4 of Soundiron choir.
All channels are playing through channel 1.
The Dorico mixer labels channels 1-4 with SATB respectively, but shows sound only through 1.
In the Halion mixer window channels 1-4 are showing signal.

Any suggestions?

Did you load the sounds manually? If so, try resetting the default playback template (Play > Playback Template) which will cause HSSE to be created with separate outputs for each channel.

I’m scuppered at the moment by the problems in the thread ‘Error message’. I don’t want to force quit Dorico because I’m not sure what work I’ve done since autosave. But I can’t select, play or edit anything. All I can do is change mode.

Maybe don’t start multiple threads when you’re having a single set of related problems? I’m sorry you’re having problems, but having multiple threads in which you describe different sets of problems seems neither particularly sensible nor efficient, particularly when the forum is in such a state of sustained high traffic after an update.

I didn’t realise that they were related. I’m still not sure that they are. But I’m a novice Windows user and don’t really understand what DCOM or RPC are.