Midi channels

When first setting up a new score Dorico assigns all the sounds and midi channels by default, but now when I for the first time is about trying to do a work for a larger orchestra I found a strange thing.
When assigning midi channels in play-mode I can only use channel 1-9, number 10 and up is not possible to choose.
But, even though I can’t select ch.10 the player plays the sound from slot 10 in the player. (as shown on this pic:


Another thing, which I mentioned in another thread, is that when using a reverb from the player (ARIA in my case) the reverb returns to channel 1 in the Dorico mixer. This works very fine, the only problem is that the channel numbers in the player doesn’t match the numbers in the Dorico mixer. Since the reverb returns to ch.1 I choose to send the the Player slot 1 to ch. 3/4 (slot 2 to ch.5/6 etc) Since the labels on the Dorico mixer refers to the player slot with the same number everything will be displaced one step. Not a huge problem but worth mentioning anyway. :slight_smile:

I’ve also noticed there’s a big latency (2-3 seconds) from playing or selecting a note until there is a visual reaction in the Dorico mixer.

I’ve checked, and it’s a graphical bug, i.e. you can choose the channel and do the correct assignment, but the user interface is broken, in that it doesn’t show the correct number in case of channel is greater 9. I guess there is not enough space provided, so it gets truncated. However, if you hover with the mouse over the control, the tooltip will show the correct number. I’ll add this to our bug base.

Ah, great, thanx Ulf! :slight_smile:

Sorry, I can’t follow this one (maybe because I don’t have ARIA here…) Could you maybe explain a little more, maybe with a screenshot or so?

Sure, we are aware that the response of the metering is very bad. Something that we will of course improve in the future, but due to the many other things missing, it didn’t get enough attention, yet.

Ah, I’m sorry for my bad explanation. :frowning:

When using the reverb from the Aria-player the effect return ends up on CH. 1 in the Dorico mixer. So to avoid having both an instrument and the effect return och ch.1 in the Dorico mixer I set the instrument in slot 1 to ch 3/4, slot 2 to ch. 5/6 etc, as you see in the picture.
In this case (the picture) it results in the following:
Ch.1 - Reverb (effect return from ARIA)
Ch.3 - Vln 1
Ch.5 - Vln 2
Ch.7 - Vla
Ch.9 - Vcl

Maybe there is another workaround for this or maybe I’m just out in the blue… :wink:

Well, as I said before, it’s not a huge problem but it might be good for you to know. :slight_smile:

The best thing would be if the effect return from the Aria-player would end up on CH. 16 in the Dorico mixer. This would be a more logical position on the mixer and then would also the channels match on both the Dorico mixer and the Aria player.
Maybe this is possible to assign but I don’t know how to do it.

This is a limitation of the Aria player… the FX are hardwired to output 1/2…

Ahaha… Well, it’s actually not a big problem. Everything works but the labels are at the wrong position in the mixer.