Midi Chase not showing in next part

In Cubase 9, midi-chase does work, but in the next midi part, the CCs don’t show anything. I would like to see what the previous value was. Is this possible?
The only way right now to show the previous CC is to join the parts, but that’s not what I want.


No, MIDI Chase is not visual. It only sends the MIDI data to the MIDI Out(s).

If you wrote CCs into a Part on a MIDI track, like mod wheel or pitch bend, those may or may not be copied when the Part is duplicated or copied. What happens with CCs depends on the Preference Settings. Is that what you’re talking about? By Default, Cubase chases most of the standard controllers. See Preferences on that.

See Preferences > Editing > Midi and turn on or off having controllers selected. I keep the box checked most of the time, but it is sometimes better to turn it off because the CCs that worked on one part aren’t right for another part.

But as far as I understand, Doricoalltheway wants ti visualy see the Value of the chased controller. So in fact the request is to see the very latest Value of any used controller of the previous event in the next event. Right? This is nit possible, even because of the fact, the MIDI is Part-based, not Track-based.

Yes, I follow that. good point. Thanks, Martin. :slight_smile:

But it would be a great feature to have even across MIDI parts! Especially for finding out when you’ve accidentally left a sustain pedal down at the end of a midi part and the next part doesn’t require the sustain pedal :slight_smile:

An alternative is to extract the CC data into an automation lane. Select MIDI part, right-click->Functions->ExtractMIDIAutomation. Then you need to open the appropriate automation lane for that CC and you’ll see that it shows the value it’ll chase to across the whole project. Maybe this will help?


Post it to the Feature Request thread, please.

Thank you all for your answers. At first I didn’t see a reaction to my post, but now I do see all the reactions.
Indeed, I have a template and I balanced it out with setting the right cc levels of different controllers at the beginning of the template. The midi-chase function is quite useless to me unless I can see in the next part what the previous values were. I will post it in the Feature Requests and Suggestions section of the forum!