MIDI chasing working incorrectly?

I have all the settings in Preferences on for MIDI chasing, yet when I play in the middle of an event with a MIDI CC, such as volume, about a bar or two before the cursor, the MIDI plays the incorrect volume. I like to make MIDI CC “flags” at the start of every project in case stuff like volume, modulation, and expression get out of whack. What’s weird is it doesn’t always chase these flags. Although, what I described above seems like it’s doing the exact opposite; chasing the flags but not what is in the current event.

Thanks for the help.

Are you confusing chasing with filtering? I believe chasing only happens during playback/rewind/start/stop. Not in response to you playing on the keyboard. As soon as you play, you are overwriting the volume that was set at the start. However, as soon as you rewind, it should set back to the volume of the flag.

I’ve had a lot of trouble with midi automation for many Cubase generations, seems that after a while it stops working correctly and I have to restart Cubase then it works again. Anyway, my question is, does this problem start straight away or go wrong after a while for you?

Also, it’s difficult to fully understand what you’re doing, so could you explain again or maybe think of a simple repro that we can test?