Midi Chord input identification of Chords not working after upgrading to Dorico 4

This is happening with all midi controllers. Notes are captured via midi input.
The problem is just the chord identification feature is no longer working and my 3.5 files.
Is there a feature that needs to be enabled for this to work on Dorico 4?

False alarm, It looks like the problem was resolved with another restart. It’s odd that playback was working and midi note input though. The metronome did not work when I created a new test project thus propting the restart.

What do I have to do to have Dorico consistently recognize attempts to enter chords (SHIFT+Q) via a MIDI keyboard. Sometimes it works, sometimes not, and this has been true in prior versions as well as this one.

I was trying to enter a chord in measure 5 via my MIDI kbd. No luck.
Jerusalem220131.dorico (792.1 KB)
DiagnosticRpt Dropbox Link