Midi chord recognition in chord popup

It would be great if one could use midi controller to enter chord into chord popup and Dorico would recognise it. I know it can get tricky, but at least the trivial chords could be recognised.

Yes that works already, did you not try it?

I did, and retried now to make sure there was no issue with my controller. Nothing happens when i press a chord on the midi keyboard. It’ supposed to work?

Welcome to the forum. Yes, that’s precisely how it should work. When you press a key on your MIDI device, do you see a green dot appear in the very bottom right of your Dorico window? That indicates the device is sending data.

Can you use the device to enter notes in step-time?

Restarted Dorico and now it works! Oh my god how did I only discover that now, that is a great feature!

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Great! For future reference, you shouldn’t need to restart Dorico to use MIDI, as devices should be plug-and-play. But glad it’s working.

The green dot was reacting, normal note input was working, just chords did not get recognised, somebody else had similar problem.

Yeah, it’s something I’ve experienced occasionally. It’s really difficult to pin down bugs without a reproducible case, so if you stumble on a particular sequence of steps that results in Midi chord input not working, do speak up.