MIDI clippings feature for retrospective recordings

Now that retrospective recording is becoming more and more useful. it would be useful to be able to put one’s ideas into a kind of shared “GLOBAL” area ( or per project ) but seperate to the tracks, similar I suppose in some ways to Digital Performers CHUNK feature.

it would need the option to be able to store the plugin instrument settings ( savestate ) along with the first “clip” and then if many bits of retrospective MIDI have been created for the same instrument then these just get added as additional MIDI.

Along with this feature would be some kind of marker and “notes” feature so that some kind of memo or way of categorising and managing such ideas can be used.

Because it could be that one just wants to bash through a load of ideas in pure improv mode, then stash them away and get on with something else but be able to easily recall and search by tag or some kind of text - the particular idea one had.

I personally suspect most of this would be for piano, but maybe also for strings - but shouldnt matter.

I Also think this might be particularly useful fr big template users who like to work with a clean template but would rather not just create lots of small cubase project files with a few ideas or just one track of MIDI in it. Instead one could do the noodling and improving in a blank template, and save ideas straight into “Clippings”. to be used later in any project of one’s choice.