Midi clips move after tempo change


I needed to correct my tempo map, and for some reason some midi clips didn’t follow the grid anymore.

It behaved as a .wav file, so it stayed according to the time code instead of the bar.

How to make this not happen anymore?


Toggle the timebase of your tracks to musical instead of linear.


As Grim said change the timebase from linear to musical, you might have to go to “Track Control Settings” to have the timebase button showing (for some reason mine occasionally disappears, probably old projects)

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Just to add, and maybe it’s just me, but I have found if I’ve forgotten to switch from Musical Time Base to Linear (or vice versa) and then change the tempo track, I can’t “undo it” from within the project window, it’s almost like something about it is irreversible. I’m sure it all makes sense somehow and is working like it’s supposed to, but every time I try to undo one of those things, timing gets weirder and weirder and I just get sucked down a rabbit hole really quickly.

So, I’ve gotten into the habit of CTRL-ALT-S (or CTRL-SHIFT-S) before making tempo track changes, then I can just go to a “pre-tempo track change” version if I made a brain-dead change to the tempo without hitting the right Musical/Linear Time Base button first. Maybe using “History” to go back would work too.

Ok, this is a good one to know.

Thanks for your help