Midi Clock - Cubase output seems unstable to hardware

Attempting to sync hardware sampler to Cubase midi clock. Incoming tempo fluxuates +/- 1 bpm (and fractions of a bpm) and sampler displays unstable time changes.

Sequencing an arpeggio from sampler’s arp midi tool display in Cubase as having unstable clock.

Changed MIDI interface from old one to new Mio. Also tried coming straight from internal sound card (RME AIO). Problem remains.

What OS? If windows, make sure the “Use Windows Timestamp” is enabled.

Windows 10 64bit

Problem exists on Cubase 9 and Nuendo 8. Tried “Use Win Timestamp” but no change.

Sorry, I’ve never used a Mio. I can’t speak to how efficient it is in conjunction with your computer and external hardware.

I bought the Mio to replace a Midisport 4x4 because of this problem. The Mio has one of the best technical reps of all current midi interfaces. Also… think the problem is isolated to Cubase setting as it occurs using different midi i/o (also tried RME AIO). The Octatrack syncs to other midi hardware fine. So by process of elimination… I feel like I’m missing something in Cubase.

I have a MIDISport 4x4 and it is rock solid.

Starting to think the problem might be my sampler (Octatrack mkii)… just sent clock from another hardware device and same jitter

Found it… had a midi echo happening because of routing. Sampler was receiving clock and sending it back through the hub… seems it was bouncing back with latency.

Excellent. That stuff can be maddening