Midi Clock hands down:which apps are working

First:i know that iOS is a big Midi mess,especially when it comes to sync so i don’t want to blame Steinberg (only)for
not delivering a proper clock.Anyway,i read in another thread they"tested"it with just 3-4 apps and imho that’s not really THAT much.So i made my own tests with quite disappointing results.All the apps i REALLY want to sync are not working and there are just 3-4 working properly.What are your experiences?

i tested the following apps.Test environment is an ipad 4 with iOS 6.1.3,everything is switched off (WLAN,Blue tooth etc.)and of course no other apps besides audiobus (512 buffer).Cleared Ram and made a restart as well.

Funkbox:works via virtual Midi in.Tight?Not really,quite shaky timing.
Drumjam:starts off beat,no tempo info.Tight?Nope
Fingerlab Bassline:Not working
DM1:Not working
Beatmaker:Not working
iPolysix:i know it has no sync but i read somewhere it should react to start/stop message.No luck here…
Magellan:WORKS and…it’s TIGHT!Unfortunately this is not my"to go"app when i want to sync something.
Magellan JR:see above
Molten:Works (via"any port").Tight?Runs a few ms behind (but really only a few)but the timing is stable.
Nlog:Arp works more or less but with a delay and quite shaky.
Nave:Arp starts too late,wrong tempo
Wavemapper:seems to work besides a little delay.
Thor:i guess it should work if you enable the sync button but nope…Works if you trigger the sequencer with Midi notes but it has always the wrong tempo,no matter what i try…

The most favored ones i wanna use are not working (properly)like DM1,Thor or Funkbox.To be fair:i can’t sync DM1 at all,not working with Beatmaker as well.Otherwise,the Fingerlab stuff (Steinberg claims they tested it with Cubasis but see above)works very well with Beatmaker.Hopefully iOS 7 and the inter Audio stuff brings sample accurate sync.

Ah yeah,and PLEASE bring on at least volume automation asap so i can start working on serious arrangements.The app was too expensive to do just some audiobus recordings (and finish the rest in auria) :wink: