MIDI Clock is modified by Cubase tempo is 100 times faster

I have an external MIDI clock from a RC-505 looper as the sync master and I have cubase using Midi Timecode and routing MIDI CLOCK through to all midi outputs.

When the RC-505 plays all drums and boxes are perfectly in sync .

When I play or record with cubase the tempo increases by about 100 BPM. I know that the RC-505 is still the source of the MIDI CLOCK and I can change the tempo on the RC-505 and the drum machine changes as well.

I realise that Cubase will not sync to an external MIDI CLOCK I did read the manual LOL. But I seem to be getting a modification of the MIDI clock when routed through Cubase.

I have changed the time signature from 4/4 to 1/4 and 16/4 on cubase but that had no effect whatsoever.

I am using Cubase 7.1 and Motu Express XT MIDI Hub