Midi-clock latency

Hi there , i Must be totally stupid or its Not there … compensatin for the midiclock …the slider for Example which allows me to adjust the midiclock… thats one of the main reasons why i Still use tracktion waveform often as its midiclock is that rocksolid and to me Better then ableton link when syncing my iPad…

Is it that difficult to implement that…? I mean all the others have it and i just cant believe, that the whole audioengine has to be rewritten because of that or so…and i am very sure that midiclock has Kind of a rebirth nowadays… with all These Different kinds of outboardgear…everything Unterstands Midi-clock…and if you Look at Tracktion it is Not sloppy and in my Setup tighter than ableton link, as i can adjust the compensation…

I really dont warnt to be Bad or so, but with all the bells and whistles cubase has, it has close to the baddest Midi-clocks out there…which is hard to understand.

Please give us this slider… (begging on my knees)

You are probably right about cubase having the worst MIDIclock out there and I don’t think Steinberg is going to do something about it.

I reported an issue about a year ago and started a topic here, but that was not enough to get a response from Steinberg. (an internal Case nr was created, after that…nothing)

In this topic I described my discovery of the “UnavoidableSteinbergMidiClockGroove”

Happy waiting. :wink:

Steinberg support is about help you avoid the bugs, they are not interested in fixing them for you. You talk to the support, not the developer. And the developers usually are not to happy to get interrupted by the support guy. So if you dont have something that developer can not reject direct like a reproducible crash you get ignored.