MIDI clock out


Getting very frustrated with the fact that MIDI Clock from Cubasis V 1.7 just doesn’t work!

Auria’s clock out works fine with a several rhythm apps and synths so it’s not the receiving app’s issue… Its cubasis. Plus the On/ OFF implementation is terrible. I think it just tires to send data to any app that will listen, so even routing apps get effectively by passed! At least provide a destination selector so I can tell what I’m meant to be doing.

Come on SB … This is really fundamental. Next update please?

I just purchased Cubasis today and am likewise frustrated that this core feature is seemingly broken.

All right!

I finally found a decent drum machine which will sync to Cubasis’ MIDI clock out!

It’s the Molten Drum machine … Set it to receive Clock In on all ports ( not just the Cubasis one ) and it starts, stops and follows Cubasis tempo!

Supports audio bus to record it once the beat is right, has a great grid pattern editor, per beat velocity , 8 tracks each with an assignable sound, import your own samples, per sound synthesis and some Filter effects and global reverb and compression. LOve it!

Hope this helps someone!

yes,Molten was the only one that worked for me too.Unfortunately is the soundquality pretty bad when i start to edit samples.It just sounds too cheap,sounds losing all pressure i.e…

I’m still waiting for the first Drum Machine with IAA.I have enough IAA synths for now but i REALLY want a drummer.

Yamaha Synth Arp and Drum Pad supports IAA

iElectribe works too….Start/Stop and tempo sync

Nope,it doesn’t.At least not for me.It’s running but runs a few but very noticable clicks behind.

Hi All,

iElectribe and electribe SX Hardware and Virus Access works fine here. Start/Stop and tempo sync.
Midi Monitoring from incoming cubasis midi values looks correctly.

Maybe it’s an receive App Issue.

Please can you send us an detailed description ?

best jan

Hallo Jan,thanks for the reply.

I’ll give it another try later and report back.So far i tried it with the usual tips before.Close all apps,restart the device,clear ram etc.pipapo

A midi latency option would be very handy and a good solution for this problem too :wink:
Besides starting too late the iElectribe worked really well.Tight.

I can confirm that you can use MidiBridge to route Midi Clock from Cubasis to most other apps as documented here: http://forum.audiob.us/discussion/1564/how-to-get-midi-sync-working-with-dm1#Item_24

What you think to add support for Midibus: http://www.audeonic.com/midibus/

I would love it!

Even using an iPad Air, this workaround is not very dependable. There is latency, and Midi bridge drops the connection frequently. We need a better implementation of Midi clock sync that other apps can see without this workaround.