Midi clock quest .

Hie everybodies ,

More I search solutions for sends midiclock from Cubasis to another apps I want to record in audio tracks, more confused I get. There are plenty off thirds app to handle the midi, so much that witch one I should choose ? Even I am not sure I need an apps just for the midi clock ? I use vst with Ableton and I was never concerned by midi issues but now that I set a new workflow within only an iPad Pro for live performance recording outdoor, I am searching for the most simple solution for sync at least the midi clock from Cubasis to geoshred,thumbjam, Animoog, phonem, LayR and some another app. Just be able to record the audio from these apps to audio tracks in Cubasis but sync to a midi clock, is it possible in simple ways ?

Hi, I would like to piggy-back this question. I am new to the world of software synths, let alone on a iPad. I took forgranted midi clock sync where with hardware and cables, it’s pretty straight forward to sync devices. But in Cubasis, I tried to send it’s midi clock to the Moog Model 15 app. I can tell this is not accurate as arp sequences drift out of sync quickly.

I wonder, if it’s possible to send or share a stable midi clock between Cubasis and other synth apps with the iPad? I wonder what more experienced users do in this regard?

One approach is the free Korg SyncKontrol app http://www.korg.com/us/products/software/synckontrol/
Then pair it with Midi Link Sync https://itunes.apple.com/ca/app/midi-link-sync/id1071048493?mt=8

No guarantees but a cheap solution. Can you not run these apps as Inter-app Audio?

Model 15 comes as Audio Unit also, would not see any need for MIDI clock here.


Hi there,

Just bought Cubasis and I must say I am pretty disappointed that such a simple feature is simply not working…and that for years, since the option exists at least since 2014 from what I can find on other internet forums (that are also full of complaints)

The reason seems to be that cubasis is not capable of sending a clear „midi start“ and „stop“ signal and only jittery timestamps that most apps don‘t understand.

I‘ve then tried out Midi Link Sync with mixed results. But I agree with Nata that we shouldn‘t need extra apps for that.

Hoping that a synth I am using would come out as an AU is also not quite helpful when you want to actually use your ipad for something to lay down some ideas quickly. With most developers of these apps, AU is a luxury and updates are spare.

Most of us IOS musicians work with Audiobus to connect everything together and then need something to record everything into. Audiobus just implemented a mixer in their latest update. It‘s only a matter of time until it becomes a full fledged DAW :wink:

Please, Steinberg, can you improve this feature.

Ableton Link would be the obvious solution. But Steinberg fail to deliver for quite some time now…

Hi all,

Below please find the supported MIDI clock features in Cubasis.

Send MIDI Clock
When MIDI clock is activated, the following signals are sent to all the connected MIDI devices and background apps:

  • MIDI clock is sent continuously during playback
  • MIDI start, continue and stop messages are sent when playback is toggled
  • The MIDI song position pointer is sent when the playhead is positioned


  • MIDI clock can only be used to synchronize MIDI data, not digital audio
  • Cubasis does not support being a MIDI clock slave (i.e. cannot receive MIDI clock parameters from other devices)

Known Issue
Running Cubasis in cycle mode, can lead to sync issues having MIDI clock enabled.
As a workaround, please make sure to disable cycle mode, when using MIDI clock.

If you use 3rd party instruments apps, please make sure to check and enable MIDI clock related settings in these apps!


How is one supposed to work on a part when you can’t have it properly play in cycle mode? That’s like advising us to practice without repeating the lesson!


Midi sync in iOS drives me crazy! As noted Cubasis abolutley sends midi clock … I can see it in various monitoring app. None of them show any Start, Stop, Continue messages, but most of the monitoring aps try to friendly so might be just interpreting them as ‘midi RT’.

However the clock from Cubasis is also not recognised by several apps, which seem to recognize clock from other sources. Theres no way ( I know of ) to tell what the differece between Cubasis Clock and that generated by other sources… they all look like "midi Real Time’ …

There is an app by Audionic ( Midibus ) which is a dedicated Midi Clock. I’d love to use a known quantity to drive everything … but Cubasis cant be a slave. Neither can Cubase or Nuendo for that matter…i think its too unreliable in truth.

So yeah … AU is our best hope. I’ve spoken to a couple of devs ( not a large group by any means ) and they say that that AU isn’t easy. So that doesnt help motivating creators who only get $5 for an app to attempt integration.

I’ve given up a couple times … then i find myself on plane and i wonder… Hmmm… If i add
Xxx to AUM… stick it in an AB slot…connect clock via Virtual Midi… Feed it into an Abelton Link converter… turn on WIST … Hit play… Aghhhhhhhh!


I just revisited this issue by loading up Thor and routing it into Cubasis. Thor constantly changes the delay time as long as Cubasis is playing. This happens during cycling on or off - there is no difference.