MIDI clock settings for synthesizers


I have been trying to bring my Roland JX-305 synth to a common timing with Cubase for a few hours, but unfortunately I mentally fail due to the settings that I have to make in Cubase.

The Synth MIDI Out is currently running in the MIDI In of my urmk22 interface and the output from the Synth is running in the combi socket 1/2 at the front of the interface.
Sound etc. all easy, but what settings do I have to make to match the timing?

None - as long as the Synth MIDI in isnˋt connected to the UR 22 MIDI out.

Here is a REAL answer for you

  1. MIDI Out from UR22 needs to go to the Roland MIDI IN as well so the Roland can receive MIDI CLOCK

  2. In Cubase Project/Synchronization setup/Destination, select the UR22 MIDI OUT port there for MIDI CLOCK

  3. Check the box Midi Clock Follows Project Position as well as Always Send Start Message.