MIDI Clock sync trouble


I’m having trouble keeping Cubase in sync with Clavia Nordlead 3’s arpeggiator.
Of course I have setup Transport/Project Synchronization Setup/MIDI Clock Destination and it kind of works,
except for these two major issues:

First of all: the first note in the arpeggiator is ALWAYS skipped after I enable MIDI Clock sync in the Nordlead.
Second: each time the cursor jumps back to the start of a midi loop, the arpeggiator starts drifting.

Of course this can be a Clavia Nordlead issue, but does anyone know if there is anything I can do to fix these?

After some searching… I found it it is probably a bug in the NordLead 3 OS v1.20. :cry:
Clavia doesn’t support it any longer either.

If you have the ability to use another midi interface then try it…

I very recently went round the houses to try to eliminate hung midi notes, unwanted pitch-bend effects and volume changes by trying 3 different midi interfaces and also direct USB connection. It’s not perfect now by any means but it is much more usable than it was. I ended up using 2 x USB direct to the keyboards and then 2 separate single port midi (via usb) devices each one to only one (older) keyboard. Before that I was using just a Midex8 but that is so far the most unreliable method…

I suppose the other thing to say is that if you’re sending massive amounts of midi data down the same port (like pitchbend or aftertouch) then this may well effect the reliability of the clock too.