Midi clock sync?

Maybe I didn’t find it, is there a way to sync via a midi 2 clock vst live pro or a vst live with a daw? Not knowing vst live is something I’ve always done to synchronize cubase with main stage on two separate computers connected via a network midi port. I know that vst live already has its own timeline and daw built in, but it could come in handy in testing time or to split the load between 2 computers with 2 live vst’s or for a lot of other reasons!

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… VST Live does not support sync to MIDI clock. But it’s already on our list.



Can’t wait! Have you already planned a release date? I have a tour from May 2023 and I’d like to use vst live if it has new features! :heart_eyes:

VL will not sync to Midi Clock too soon, but it will send MTC (MIDI Time Code), LTC (audio signal), and MIDI Clock with the next iteration, not the one to come soon but the one thereafter (presumably, version 1.2). So maybe you can sync your DAW to either instead of the other way around.


Really thank you :pray:

Great I second that motion for MTC INPUT

Do you got any News on this?
I really need VST Live to sync to Midi.
I want to Sync it to my loop pedal and the pedal needs to be the midi clock, as the other way around it wont stay in sync.
So can you give an insight if and when this feature could be added?
Without that VST Live is hardly usable for me, and i really want to use it.
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No, and you should not want to bet on it. It is close to impossible to do this right, and VST Live is supposed to be sync master. It may sync to MTC sooner or later, because that is well defined and doable, but Tempo sync is not planned anytime soon.

Why not?

That is unfortunate

Well, my bet would be on jitter problems. I had the same problem with ableton live before and that was solved by using my looper as the master clock and ableton live as the slave. I am a Cubase user for years so I wanted to switch to vst live, to be in a similar environment and I also really like the features. I guess I will need a hardware clock or something like that to solve the jitter problems.
Thanks for your answer

Is clock sync available yet?

You’re looking for this, am I right? :slight_smile:

Well I’m rather looking for clock input. I have a hardware setup with a synth, drum machine and a keystep that I would like to record midi from into the computer. But I don’t want the computer attached the whole time so it would be best if the computer could sync to the existing setup rather than taking over.

VST Live does not sync to external clock, sorry.

I have a question. How can you add multiple Midi Clock destinations? Currently you can only select one destination, but I have 3 synths to be synced to VST Live clock. Is there a workaround on macOS for that, i.e. via Audio-MIDI-Setup? I couldn’t figure out how. Or is there a way inside VST Live like in Cubase or other DAWs?

Yes, there is currently one port option for MIDI Clock destination, but what if you chain your synths via MIDI cable (via MIDI thru)?