MIDI clock synchronization offset possible? Or new feature proposal?

Hello, I am a long-time Cubase user (currently on 11 Pro) with many external synths. I’d like to sync my Roland R-8mkII drum machine, but it locks in a bit behind the actual timing (~9 ms) when using MIDI clock. Is it correct that Cubase does not offer an offset for MIDI clock so it could be sent a bit in advance? Thanks for helping!


Would the “Track Delay in Milliseconds” parameter work for you?

Unfortunately MIDI clock is port-specific, not track-specific. Track delay will not influence MIDI clock.


I mean this one:

Thanks, I know that one. But MIDI clock is not transmitted via a track. It is a global project setting. It is not possible to have a MIDI track influence the global MIDI clock stream. Track delay only affects events on the track.

I got you, now.