Midi clockkkk !!

Hi there ,

First of all I am a big fan of steinberg long long time ago , anyway I bought cubasis and I love the flow but there is many things missing as for example MIDI CLOCK … Come on guys we need to sync our music with other app … Any date for an update …1.3 with midi clock :unamused:


we plan to deliver updates in an approximately monthly rhythm. I cannot provide a date for the implementation of MIDI Clock at the moment. It is on our list and we are working on it.

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I needed Midi Clock sync and naturally presumed it would be included in such a high priced app. I was shocked to find that it wasn’t. :cry: I hope you guy’s remedy this asap.

Any e.t.a. on when this important feature will be available?


sorry for disappointing you. MIDI clock is scheduled for the next update, so you can expect it in approximately one month.

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Hello Frieder,

Can you please confirm if it will be Midi clock transmit & RECEIVE please ??
As soon as cubasis can lock to incoming clock, I plan to be getting it.

Thank you

Thanks for your reply, look forward to the update.

Excellent ! :sunglasses: