MIDI Commands

I have a very small Keyboard named I-key. Did not use it for years.
Now, with the possibility of Key Commands/MIDI Learn I put “Raise/Lower Pitch by Step” on two keys via “MIDI Learn”. That’s wonderful because it saves a hand when correcting while writing notes on another keyboard. (The keycommand is Alt+Up or Alt+Down and needs two hands).
Anyway, I’d like to have “Set Note Durations” as MIDI Command also, but setting this via MIDI Learn does not work; that is, the MIDI Commands are added allright, but trying to use the commands while writing fails.

I have noticed that the note durations key commands (figures 1-9) are not visable as shortcuts in Preferences/Key Commands/Set Note Durations either so here I am, wondering.


Useful tip: (although not related to midi input)
Since I also use a lot the move notes up/down I’ve changed the key edit to work as up/down arrow so I dont need to press alt+up/down

If you have a full numeric keypad on the right side, you can map the + and - to do that. I mapped them to shift the octave of the note I just entered, up or down. I love it.

Thank you all for the useful tips.
The move notes up/down works fine with MIDI input (MIDI Learn). I put the commands on NOTEON1 and 2 so it does not interfere with note input.
It’s about “set note durations”. They don’t work with MIDI Commands while they are not “two levels deep” commands, so maybe it’s not about the bug Daniel talks about. I just found though that note durations Key Commands can be chosen but have no effect whatsoever. Again, the existing Key Commands (1-9) are not visible in Preferences/Key Commands; maybe for a reason?
I’ll wait for the update and leave it for now.

Set Note Duration is indeed “two levels deep,” so it is affected by the bug, and will be fixed soon. Sorry for the inconvenience in the meantime.

No problem. I guess I do not quite understand the meaning of “two levels deep”. Note durations are set by “figures” 1-9. I assumed these are “one level deep”. But than again, I’m a patient man, and don’t need to understand all technical details. Of course I can use the computer keyboard in the meantime.

Not that it matters, really, but I mean that it’s two levels deep in the list of commands, which uses a nested tree structure.

A, ha! That throws some light on the matter (if that’s the right English expression).

I´d like to control most of Dorico´s functions via Lemur on my iPad; for this, I set up new Key commands using the “MIDI Learn” function in Dorico where e.g. “NOTEON1 + NOTEON2” controls “ZoomIn” etc. Using this approach I can map a lot of Dorico functions in the NOTEON1 - 20 range without interfering with Note input. Everything’s works perfectly fine. However, when I close Dorico and re-open it, Dorico has saved only one of the two NOTEON messages so all of these Key commands are not working any longer… Is there a way to make Dorico save both NOTEON messages or is this currently not possible? Would greatly appreciate a response from someone who may help me here…

Welcome to the forum, MoritzMann. Are you saying that you find that when you initially define the command, you are able to supply two MIDI notes, and they work during that session, but then when you restart Dorico, only one of the two notes has been remembered?

Hi Daniel, yes, it´s exactly like you explained…

OK, thanks: I will investigate this and see if I can figure out what’s going wrong.

Thanks a lot!

Hi Moritz, thanks for mentioning this bug. As a small addition to this I noticed that the keyboard configuration file is written correctly, e. g.

    "NoteEdit.PitchDown" : [ "MIDI:NOTEON61, NOTEON60" ]

But only the first entry will be read during Dorico startup. The next time the file is written, the second entry will be lost.

Btw, keyboard language is German (if that’s important).

I’ve been looking into this tonight and I can confirm you’re right: saving is OK, but loading is broken. We’ll get this fixed as soon as we can.

Daniel, will your fix allow a “2-key” midi command to be used? Meaning only the use of two midi keys together will activate the command? If so, could you include midi cc messages as a command, ie: a pedal press (CC64) plus a midi key (NOTEON60)?
Cool stuff.

Welcome to the forum, WalterMidi. In principle I believe you can use both a MIDI controller and a note to trigger a command, though I’ve not tried it myself.

Ok, I’ve been waiting for someone to claim this username. Well played, Walter.