MIDI comping

Hi, I’m hoping to get some advice the best way to handle a particular situation.

I’m doing a long theater song, with piano accompaniment under dialogue and singing, with lots of starts and stops. The piano is midi. My plan is to do the piano part piecemeal using punch in.
So, for example, I’ll Record several takes for, say measures 10 to 26, and then several takes for measures 34 to 50 and so forth. Then I’ll go back and select the Best takes (I’m not using take in the technical cubase meaning of the term) . I don’t really need chop anything up.

So it seems to me I should be using lanes, not takes because a take is for the whole track, but lanes just select an event. Right?

Also, how do I select the lane I want to use? If I click on a lane using the comp Icon, all the other lanes are still audible.



In fact, Cubase is not using the term takes. It’s using only Lanes. But under the hood, they are the same.

For MIDI Tracks you can use up to all Lanes together. This is different from Audio Events. If you want to use only one Lane in the MIDI Track, Mute the other Lanes, please.

Right, I was thinking of “track versions.”
so please amend my question to “lanes versus track versions.”

Muting will work but I was hoping there was something more streamlined.
Oh well.

Thanks Martin.

A follow up question:
What does the comp tool do on a midi track?
You’re saying it doesn’t select the lane you want and mute all the others, as it does with an audio track. But it does do something, it would seem. Just can’t figure out what.