midi compressor issue

Sorry if this has been brought up many times in the past.

I remember having this problem years ago and just noticed again. When using the midi compressor on the midi inserts of a track, on reloading the project the compressor doesn’t work as it should, and you have to insert another.

Any else get this? I rarely use the midi compressor but I just used it as a quick fix on a old track. Appreciate I could lower the velocities manually.



You wrote “it does`t work as it should”. Could you be more specific, please? What does it mean? What exactly doesn’t work?

Do you have the latest C9.0.30 update, please?

It doesn’t compress on reload - like it has been bypassed.

Yeah have the update. I remember the same thing happening multiple Cubase versions ago.


OK, I can reproduce it here. I will report it as a bug.

I remember similar issue with other MIDI Insert plug-in few versions ago.

The trick was to change one of the value in the plug-in, and then change it back. By this, the values are reloaded.

If it’s only compressing velocity I think there is a modifier in Inspector without using plugin - possible workaround.

Vel comp in midi modifiers section.

Cheers Guys,

Yeah I tried changing one of the values and back again but it didn’t seem to work.

Just reducing the velocity doesn’t quite give the same effect. The compressor plugin can be useful because the larger velocities are reduced more than the smaller ones.


I think it remaps all values to another range in a linear fashion - not just clip or reduce that outside range.

But sure limited compared to what can be done with threshold and the full set of parameters - doing non-linear stuff.
Did not know that was your aim.