MIDI connection but no sound

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Thank you for taking your time to hopefully help me.
The deal is this.I am a guitar player and i am starting to record my own songs with my girlfriend.
I have a really simple setup. Guitar amplifier miced up to cubase with a rode-NT usb. between my guitar and amplifier i run a few pedals.
The boss DD500 is the pedal this topic is all about. It’s is a delay pedal with lots of features, one of them is stereo delay, which i want to record directly into cubase, so i can record it stereo and not mono out of my amp.
it has an usb output that puts midi signals out to any daw. so its a midi connection via USB.
it is setup properly to connect and setup midi signals to a external device, so the problem lies within cubase.
The problem is: i have connected it in every way possible and am able to have it setup properly, the only is issue is that it produced no sound…

if i select my midi track, the in and output are both boss dd-500 but i cant see any volume on the fader, or any activity at all, even when monitoring is on…

i won’t use the stereo delay plugin in cubase, with all respect. the boss pedal is just superior.

In advance thank you for your time and sorry for my bad english!

Hi and welcome,

MIDI is only set of data. You would need to route it to any synth (hardware or software). Instead of MIDI track, add an Instrument track. Choose Virtual Instrument of your choice (HALion Sonic SE is default Cubase synth) and load a sound.

But that’s the thing, i want the sound of my delay pedal and not from a loaded sound cubase has designed. Otherwise it is not the true sound im after from my delsy pedal


Then don’t send MIDI, send the audio signal.

But how can i do this? Because the pedal needs to be connected via a a usb midi connection

it´s not working still, i need to find a way to send the midi signals from my boss dd500 directly into cubase and be able to record and listen it, i am eble to connect via midi track but hear no sounds

I don’t think you understand how your device (and most likely audio vs. MIDI in general) works. According to the manual :bulb: , the USB connection does not send audio. Also, MIDI signals are not sound. As Martin already mentioned, you need to connect the pedal with regular audio cables. This would require an interface with two available inputs you would route to an audio track/tracks in Cubase.

Thank you for your reply, bjt thays not the case. I was able to get sohnd from it a few days ago but i dont remember the settings and since then i am trying to figure out again. I did get my stereo delay sound via the usb but i was wondering if anyone here actually knew some trick

In the boss dd500 manual it does say you can sync with your daw and i managed to do so, but cant remember or get the settings back…

To me, “synchronize with a DAW via MIDI” (which is what the manual states is possible with the USB connection) does not have anything to do with sending audio.

I have read the manual multiple times now so thank you but you’re not really helping. If you know what to do and have the knowledge to actually help me i would be very happy kf you cojld give me somme options instead of saying the obvious.

The important thing here is that i bave succeeded already via the USB cable but i forgot which settings on cubase i had on at the time.


If you want to get a sound (audio) from your Boss DD 500, you have to connect the Audio Output to your Audio Device Inputs. There is no way around. The audio stream is not realised via USB on Boss DD 500.

Via MIDI you can just synchronise your DD 500 with your DAW (Cubase). So you can sync the tempo (to make sure your delay is for example 1/8 or 1/16 of the project in Cubase). You can also control DD 500 via MIDI/USB. You can (virtually) press the buttons or turn the knobs on DD 500. You can control Delay Bypass, Phrase Loop, Record, Overdub, Stop, etc. All of these commands are controlled via common MIDI Controllers.

But no Audio over USB. I was searching for all “USB” strings in the manual, I was reading about the audio connections and the MIDI/USB synchronisation. I believe I know, how does it really work.

But he had it working! Someone must know which settings he used to accomplish the impossible …

Who knows the trick? :confused:

Thank you for you answer. You made dr me think differently. Is it possible that i did send midi signals from my delay pedal to a kind of delay from cubase which then gave me the delay trails? Whem i strummed my guitar i am positive i have heard te delay trails but maybe they might have come from the stereo delay i had on from cubase.

Anyway, thank you for time! I was also shocked that ag i recieved sound from the usb but i now think the sourcr might habe come from cubase, but triggered from my dd500? I will continue figuring out haha, i only have cubase for 2 weeks now so thank you!

You’re toxic, i am just struggling with this. Dont spread your negativity please if it’s not necessary

You’re welcome.