Midi connection THIS way OK?

I think the thing is with multi in/thru links is not the cable length as each thru is buffered, so each device only sees the one cable, as it were. But with data fall/rise errors, as to maintain fast through rates the thru data is not reconstructed but merely passed on via a buffer circuit. so multiple chaining could cause a corruption of the midi data.

I also think the maximum single length midi cable run specified is 15meters 30 odd feet.

Of course the only way to find out is to try it, and I bet unless you start to get silly, chaining multiple units with really long midi leads, it’ll work fine.

With modern midi thru circuits using hi-speed optocouplers there should be no noticeable delay when chaining midi. Some early midi devices used slow optocouplers that could cause a noticeable delay when chaining multiple thru’s, so it good to be aware that old devices could be a problem in such a setup and should probably either have their own midi out dedicated to them or run from a good midi thru box. I think off the top of my head that in normal midi serial data that each note in a perfect chord is sent about 1ms from each other so that each note seems like it’s being played as a fast arpeggio with each not being around one foot behind the other? This is for external midi not internal vsti stuff.