MIDI connections on android

Hello friend, I want to create a MIDI sequencer app on my Android and send MIDI messages so I can control cubasis synths.
Is this possible? Can cubasis identify and receive data from external MIDI devices on Android? If so, what kind of configuration is needed or is this automatic? Thanks in advance!

External midi devices, yes… internal midi devices as using 1 app to controll data on an other app on the same android device, i havent seen that work on android… ios has had that option for years but android has been lacking in that department.

So its not possible? I am going to try today to see if it’s possible to communicate through MIDI…

Dont know if its impossible but apparently problematic enough to not devellop midi/multi-app controllers.

Let me know if you get it to work :hugs:

Well I found this app called midihub that apparently lets you create virtual midi ports but the app could not identify the cubasis ports and vice versa. So I guess it’s not possible and there is not much information on the internet either.

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