MIDI Connectivity in Cubasis 3 iOS16

Hi all,
This is just a small bit of useful information I would like to pass on to anyone who is interested.
I have just purchased a new Midi Keyboard Controller (Novation Impulse 61) to use with Cubasis, but no matter how many times I set up cubasis Midi Learn, I could not get the Impulse to operate any midi functions inside cubasis, so I launched a free app that I had in my collection for over a year called MIDI WRENCH to check what was happening with the midi data, all of a sudden the Impulse started functioning correctly in every aspect, I tested the app by closing it and found the Impulse was unresponsive, so this magic app can run in the background and connect all your midi hardware to the iPad successfully.
It is labelled as a Midi Swiss Army Knife, believe me it really is.

I just want to remind everyone about the magical powers that Midi Wrench has whilst using Cubasis 3 on iPad.
Over the past months I have solved many user’s midi connectivity problems by suggesting they download this free app to monitor their Midi activity and to their amazement Midi Wrench has magically created a fix without them having to do anything, as long as you leave it running in the background, it creates an important internal patch.
As I mentioned in my first post in this thread - my Novation Impulse 61 would not work properly with Cubasis3 unless MW was running in the background.

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