MIDI Control Change Indication [SOLVED]

Confused myself completely this afternoon - need some help.

I’ve assigned MIDI CC 7 (Volume) to a knob on my keyboard with the intention of controlling a track’s volume in realtime from the keyboard.

I can record events from moving the knob and they appear in the track as CC 7 (Volume) events. They play back to the keyboard correctly; the volume of the sound changes in sync with the MIDI events as it should. BUT neither the volume indicator in the track inspector nor the mixer fader move to reflect any of these events - they simply don’t move at all.

However, if I set up a Quick Contol on the track for Volume, movements of the knob on the keyboard are reflected in the mixer and the track inspector whether recording or not. Though when the track plays back any recorded volume events, the mixer and track inspector indicator don’t move again.

What am I doing wrong here? If I use MIDI CC 7 from an external keyboard to lower the volume of a MIDI track why doesn’t the mixer reflect the change?


Hi Jenks I’ve been playing around with my external midi gear and
I’ve got one question did you enable the green R read automation button after recording your cc data ?

When I do this the midi volume fader moves with the recorded automation in the mixer.

Hope this helps. :slight_smile:

Thanks for that.

Automation Read is disabled but it makes no difference if I do enable it.

But, I think, that’s how it should behave in the sense that the “Read” and “Write” enablers refer to the automation lanes and I’m not using those (in this case). If I record automation and replay it, the mixer and the track inspector faithfully follow the automation.

My issue is that when I move the volume slider (CC 7) on an external controller connected to a track, the MIDI monitor shows that the events are being received (and I can record them) but there is no movement of either the mixer fader or the track inspector MIDI volume indicator.

I can force it to work the way I expect by creating a Quick Control for volume. It works for PAN as well. But, strangely, not for CC 93 (but I’ll explore that one when I’ve solved the main issue).


You have to create your own generic remote device from the devices menu.

Specify the midi input - use the learn function in this generic remote and link your external controller

then in thw lower pannel of the generic remote window decide what you want to control.

If you don’t do it this way cubase will record the cc data but not move the faders the way you want.

so you either map the quick controls or the generic remote - I don’t think it can do it any other way. :confused:

It’s actually simpler than that :wink:
What you are seeing is perfectly normal… if CC#7 is being recorded as a “regular” CC inside the MIDI Part, then it will not cause the MIDI fader for the track to move.
On the other hand, if you go to the MIDI menu>CC Automation Setup, and set CC#7 to “Automation Track”, if, you Write Enable the automation for the track, then you’ll see the fader move as you record/play back. (if you don’t Write Enable, but simply hit “Record”, then CC#7 will just recorded in the Part, same as always :wink: ).

Alternatively, as jalusblu has said, if you have your MIDI knob routed to one of the slots in Quick Controls, and set that slot to “Volume”, when you Write Enable the track, you will record the Quick Control to the fader (and see it move on record and playback). However, if you do that, be sure to filter CC#7 (via the Input transformer) so that you are not additionally recording CC#7 in the MIDI Part. (That potential conflict only occurs if the same physical MIDI device is being used as input to the MIDI track, and also pilot Quick Controls.)

jalusblu and vic_france have between them saved my sanity. Thanks to both of you!

The answer lay in the Generic Remote Control device set-up.

C6 is so flexible that it sometimes takes a lot of thinking about to get all the interactions that exist across its functionality (no complaints about that). MIDI automation is a particularly complicated area.


i have the same problem and tried Generic Remote but still knobs cant sync with automation. it works in ableton perfectly but in cubase i cant move knobs the way i want. it changes the cc automation with Previous data i used even when R and W is enable.