MIDI Control Command for Channel Edit button?

Does anyone know the midi command for the Channel Edit button on the mixer? I’m guessing these are a closely guarded secret because I cant find a list anywhere. OR maybe I’m confused because I have not really used midi in this fashion for years.

I just grabbed the icon Platform M+ and the X and they work really well. I’m surprised. So I have the unit set to MCP (MACKIE) to custom assign my controls. I now that midi note F#5 controls the mixer window. So what is the note command to trigger the Channel Edit button?

Any help on this would be great thanks

Got it!! D#3 Still, i’d be nice to have this list.


This is determined by the remote’s driver or Generic Remote map that it comes with, not by Cubase. Do an internet search for 'mackie midi list’and you’ll find the list.

Is it not possible to use the midi learn feature to set up the icon any way you want?

I’m assigning known values that do specific things. And yes to a degree you can sent up the icon Pro M to what you want. I have the mixer window working again and I have reassigned the READ button to now open the channel edit window of the selected channel that I’m on. Also: the values are not the same for all DAWS. One would think so, but No. A few commands are are different.