Midi Control Mapping with VSTI's

Hi. I am having some issues with Midi controller mapping. I am using an Akai MPD32 and I have correctly set it up to Cubase 7. All faders, pan knobs and buttons are working. I notice when I load a VSTI (Sylenth1) and I set up the controls it works fine, but When I switch to Kontakt 5 I notice that all my parameters for Sylthn1 are gone.

Is the Midi control map settings only one setting or is therer a set up for each VSTI? what about Vst plugins??
Can I save them and reload the XML files for each project?
Will Cubase remember all the setting when I open a new project with the same plugins?? or will I have to manually set everything up with every project

Is there a was to use the remote control editor with my Akai?



The best is to use the Quick controls, as they can be saved in track presets, allowing you to retrieve the settings already done from one project to another. The problem (and this is a feature request that have been done countless times) is that we have only 8 quick controls at our disposal (24 would not be a luxury, IMO), which is rather limited for a VSTi such as Sylenth1.

To extend the number of VSTi parameters subject to a remote control, you can indeed use a Generic Remote definition (you should do so, actually, would it only be to use the MPD32 to remote control, at least, Cubase itself : works fine, here).

BUT there is a huge limitation that persists from one Cubase version to another (and which has also been the subject of feature requests since a long time ; see this recent one, in example : http://www.steinberg.net/forums/viewtopic.php?f=182&t=49191…) : the Generic Remote control settings for anything outside Cubase itself work per channel. To be as clear as possible : let’s say you setted some Sylenth1 parameters while this one was using the 5th channel of the VSTMixer. Now load another project in which Sylenth1 uses the 6th one : your settings are lost or, more precisely, affected to parameters of another channel.

From which, either you do as much project templates as needed and create a Generic Remote settings bank for each of them or create as much banks as VSTis used, and carefully load the appropriate bank relevent to the VSTi you are using, but the latter is quickly a mess. Both solutions can be done in the same XML definition file (use the ‘Rename’/‘Add’/‘Delete’ buttons at the right of the Generic Remote definition bottom panel). I choosed the former solution, still waiting for something more efficient, as adding or removing a channel is impossible if you want to keep all the remote definitions usable…

And don’t talk me about the brand new ‘Remote Control Editor’ : I know by experience that it is useless with the MPD32 or any Generic Remote definition, by the way. Another feature request which may never be taken into account…


I found that If I load up an instance of syleth1, map my controller and export the file, every I open up a channel with it as the VSTi the Generic remote automatically selects the correct map. So on Instrument tracks the Generic remote defaults to the VSTi map. If I change the Vsti on the same channel to Kontakt or Massive, it will then automatically adjust the map to the selected VSTi.

The VSTi is the Priority selected by the generic remote.

I also found that if I install third party insert plugin like a Waves Delay, It has to share the generic remote map with VSTi on the Channel. Which makes is very difficult to map insert plugins, because it could conflict with the setting mapped for the VSTi. Also I would have to resort to limiting my choices of plugins do to map layout…

Similary to the Quick controls Tab.

I will some more experimenting and let you know what I find out.