MIDI Control (midi inserts)

Just found out about this midi insert, seems to do nothing although it would be very useful to have visual feedback on the important CC value (1, 11, 7 etc.)

Anything I am missing ?


Could you be more specific, please?

Here you can find, how does it work (page 222).

Hi I managed to make it work.
But any idea why it doesn’t respond to me moving my physical fader that I use for MIDI CCs ?



Could you describe exactly what do you do, please?

I’m moving my physical fader on my arduino unit, controlling cc1, but this does not reflect visually in “MIDI CONTROL”. Is that because midi 1.0 is unidirectional?

I think some screenshots would be in order. It’s hard to understand what you’re referring to.
Setting up controllers is done in either MIDI Remote (new as of v12) or General Remote (now deemed legacy). Which of these are you using to map your controller?

That is because the MIDI Control plugin is for manually controlling CC, it is not intended for monitoring incoming MIDI values, that’s what the MIDI Monitor plugin is for.


As the manual (which I linked above already) says:

This generic control panel allows you to select up to 8 different MIDI controller types and set values for them. You can then use the plug-in as a control panel to adjust the sound of a MIDI instrument from within your host application.

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